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Limited Edition Tangent Scale Models

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Home Shops has a number of great cars in the works!  The following projects are at various stages in the manufacturing process and are listed in the order that the factory orders were placed.  Cars listed below are not yet available for pre-sale.

Tangent Scale Models - PS-4427 High Side Covered Hopper

The Tangent Scale Models PS-4427 high side covered hopper car is another beautiful model that will proudly represent the freelance community!  We have chosen six new road names for this release

1 - Mike Confalone's Allagash

2 - David Barrow's Cat Mountain and Santa Fe

3 - Devin Jackson's Mesquite Belt

4 - Neil Roggensack's Montana Northland

5 - Brad Bourbina's Neosho Valley Lines

6 - Allen Whitaker's Tennessee Southern

ETA 3rd Quarter 2023

ExactRail - Berwick 7580 Appliance Boxcar

This car is our first project with model manufacturer ExactRail!  The Berwick 7580 Appliance Boxcar is an amazing model that lends itself well to a number of freelance model railroads.  For this release we have selected the following four railroads:

1 - Tom Patterson's Chesapeake Wheeling and Erie

2 - Christopher Palmieri's Texas and Great Northern

3 - Allen and Brad McClelland's Virginian and Ohio

4 - Sam Meehan's Wyoming Valley and Western

ETA 4th Quarter 2023