For our first-ever freight car release Home Shops has partnered with Tangent Scale Models to bring you this amazing selection of HO-Scale factory-painted Freelance Freight Cars! 


The first four road names of our Tangent Scale Models PS-4750 covered hopper car are now in-stock and ready to ship!  Available while supplies last, these Limited Edition HO-Scale works of art represent our historic launch into the Freelance Model Railroad niche.  Each Road Name is offered in four road numbers.  Only 65 cars of each number were produced!

These amazing Tangent Scale Models hopper cars are made from 150 individual parts and came fully assembled!  The In-Stock price for these gems is $54.95 each.


The remaining three freelance road names of our first Tangent Scale Models freight car order has been shipped from the factory!  We expect to receive these cars mid-summer.

Until these cars are In-Stock and all advance purchases have been fulfilled, these three road names will be available for advance-purchase at the Discounted Price of $49.95 each!


Home Shops has a number of great cars in the works!  The following projects are at various stages in the manufacturing process and are listed in the order that the factory orders were placed.  Cars listed below are not yet available for pre-sale.

Tangent Scale Models - 1917 Design Tank Car

Our first Virginian and Ohio offering!  Home Shops worked closely with Brad and Allen McClelland to develop this very unique and exciting car.  This tank car represents a company-service car assigned to Waste Oil removal.  These cars will have 1960 and 1962 rebuild dates and will be offered in four road numbers.  Each road number will have a unique V&O shop location stencil as follows:





We are proud to have the V&O as a partner railroad!  This freelance concept has inspired many freelance and proto-freelance modelers to do great things.  This Limited Edition release will be a must-have for V&O fans and freelance model railroad collectors! 

ETA - 4th Quarter 2022

Tangent Scale Models - 86' GSC Auto Parts Boxcar

What a better car to introduce these freelance model railroads to your fleets than Tangent Scale Model's magnificent 86' Greenville Steel Car Company auto parts boxcar!  These cars will serve as fitting ambassadors for these great railroads!

The railroads selected for this order are:

Arkansas Valley

Chinook Lines

Cincinnati and Lake Erie

Crescent Lines 

Maryland Southern

Natchez Trace and Orient

Virginia and Atlantic

Each road will be offered in two road numbers except for the Crescent Lines.  The Crescent Lines will be the first participant in the Home Shops "Founders Fleet" with each car being named after a contributing member of the railroad.  Four Crescent Lines Founders Fleet cars will be produced in this release as follows:

CL 29001 - Louis H. Schultz

CL 29012 - Andy Sperandeo

CL 29023 - Richard Boutall

CL 29034 - Clyde F. "Bill" Williams

ETA 2nd Quarter 2023

Tangent Scale Models - PS-4427 High Side Covered Hopper

The Tangent Scale Models PS-4427 high side covered hopper car is another beautiful model that will proudly represent the freelance community!  We have chosen six new road names for this release

1 - Mike Confalone's Allagash

2 - David Barrow's Cat Mountain and Santa Fe

3 - Devin Jackson's Mesquite Belt

4 - Neil Roggensack's Montana Northland

5 - Brad Bourbina's Neosho Valley Lines

6 - Allen Whitaker's Tennessee Southern

ETA 3rd Quarter 2023

ExactRail - Berwick 7580 Appliance Boxcar

This car is our first project with model manufacturer ExactRail!  The Berwick 7580 Appliance Boxcar is an amazing model that lends itself well to a number of freelance model railroads.  For this release we have selected the following four railroads:

1 - Tom Patterson's Chesapeake Wheeling and Erie

2 - Christopher Palmieri's Texas and Great Northern

3 - Allen and Brad McClelland's Virginian and Ohio

4 - Sam Meehan's Wyoming Valley and Western

ETA 4th Quarter 2023