T & S Extra Board Zoom Interview

Ken Mason of the Crescent City Model Railroad Club extended an invitation to me to be a guest on his new T & S Extra Board zoom call.  He sent me a list of questions both about myself and Home Shops as a guide.  Of course I accepted the invitation!

I have done a number of other interviews and have limited the content to Home Shops. With Ken being a fellow New Orleanian, I considered this zoom to be sort of a homecoming and decided it would be appropriate to share a little more about myself and the development of my interest in railroads and the hobby.  

Oh, and I also announce the first Home Shops project with our second freight car manufacturer!

Above is this T & S Extra Board zoom which is now on YouTube!  This group has a weekly informal zoom meeting and will have a special guest once a month.  If interested you might consider joining the T & S Extra Board Facebook group or subscribing to their YouTube channel.