18"x24" Lithograph Painting "Home Shops" by famous railroad artist Robert West!  This work of art was commissioned specifically to celebrate the launch of Home Shops by depicting all seven freelance road names of the first release of Home Shops PS-4750 covered hopper cars in a railroad shop setting!

"Home Shops" 18"x24" Lithograph by Robert West

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We are extremely pleased to offer this Limited Edition work of art by the amazing railroad artist Robert West!


“Home Shops” was commissioned to celebrate the launch of our company, Home Shops LLC.  Robert West puts on display his meticulous attention to detail in this work of art!


This painting commemorates the formation of Home Shops LLC by depicting PS-4750 covered hopper cars in all seven of the paint schemes offered in our initial Tangent release.  These cars are depicted in a very large car shop facility that is alive with worker activity.  Mr. West showcases his mastery of fluorescent paints to highlight many of the unique lighting features found in this car shop.


From welders’ torches, to mechanical blue lights, to locomotive headlights, there are no shortage of eye catching effects to draw attention to the activity that abounds in this painting!  Modeled after actual car shop laborer activities, shop employees can be found working on roof walks, welding draft gear, installing hopper gates, and even rolling a set of wheels under a lifted car.  The scene is made complete by two massive gantry cranes looming overhead.


As part of this celebration, a limited quantity of high-quality 18’x24” signed lithographs are now available for purchase from Home Shops!  


Whether it is the walls of a model railroad club building, your own personal “Home Shop” workroom, or the personal collection of someone who loves railroad art, “Home Shops” will be a perfect addition!  Join us in celebrating the launch of Home Shops by purchasing your very own signed and numbered Robert West lithograph while supplies last!