"a ModelersLife" Podcast Interview

This past Friday I was interviewed by Lionel Strang and Tony Cook of the “a ModelersLife” podcast!  For those not familiar with the podcast, Lionel Strang is the host.  The podcast has had numerous hobbyists, manufacturers, and other industry insiders on over the years.  Interviews are informative and entertaining, giving model railroaders across the globe some insight into what others are doing and how they fit the hobby into their lives.


Tony Cook is the editor of Model Railroad News, HO Collector, and Diesel Era magazine which was recently acquired by White River Publications.  Many thanks to Matt Martin of the Copper State Railway for suggesting this interview and facilitating an introduction!


Of course, most of the conversation centered around the creation of Home Shops LLC.  The concept of a company that will focus on bringing high-end freelance freight cars to market is rather unique and generated quite a few questions.  As the podcast progressed, the enthusiasm and support from both Lionel and Tony made the interview a pleasure to participate in.


Though recorded at the beginning of April, 2021, the episode is not expected to air until late summer or early fall.  Once the episode is made public, it will be linked from the Home Shops website making it easy for all visitors to enjoy the show!